Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update And Slow Or Not Working Menus For ASUS MB Owners

If you are ASUS MB Owner and got a problem with Windows Anniversary Update, read on - it may be helpful.
Well, I'm sure i'm not only one got a strange problems with slow or not working menus after Windows 10 Anniversary Update...slow, and almost impossible to work with windows menus, sometimes only outlines of menus appear and so on.
I thought it was AMD driver issues, changed them a few times - no go. I had to remove Anniversary and return to regular 1501 version.
Tried to find a solution, but it was pretty hard to find one. Finally I saw on some forum article about ASUS AI3 suite, that comes with a motherboard, and that after removing it all worked fine.
I tried it, first uninstalled AI3 suite and then used ASUS cleaner to clean all remained registry entries.
Then i reinstalled Anniversary Update, and guess what - it worked fine.
Hope this post might help some people  using ASUS MBs that didn't find solution yet.

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