Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update And Slow Or Not Working Menus For ASUS MB Owners

If you are ASUS MB Owner and got a problem with Windows Anniversary Update, read on - it may be helpful.
Well, I'm sure i'm not only one got a strange problems with slow or not working menus after Windows 10 Anniversary Update...slow, and almost impossible to work with windows menus, sometimes only outlines of menus appear and so on.
I thought it was AMD driver issues, changed them a few times - no go. I had to remove Anniversary and return to regular 1501 version.
Tried to find a solution, but it was pretty hard to find one. Finally I saw on some forum article about ASUS AI3 suite, that comes with a motherboard, and that after removing it all worked fine.
I tried it, first uninstalled AI3 suite and then used ASUS cleaner to clean all remained registry entries.
Then i reinstalled Anniversary Update, and guess what - it worked fine.
Hope this post might help some people  using ASUS MBs that didn't find solution yet.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Cats And Dogs Love Abstract Drawings Designs

Cats And Dogs Love Abstract Drawings Designs, various breeds of dogs and cats. Here are only pillows and phone cases, but there are lot of other products, such as notebooks, kitchen stuff, posters, bags and so on. You can easily find it on

Cats And Dogs Love Abstract Drawings Designs
Cats And Dogs Love Abstract Drawings Designs
by Michael

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Flags Of US States Wall Clocks and Watches Collection

Personalized US States Flags Wall Clocks and Watches , like Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, New York, Indiana, Illinois and so on with motto and your name you can fully personalize