Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saphire R9 280X Vapor-X - length, beauty and power

So today i finally decided to upgrade my Asus HD7770 and cause i got only 600W PSU, i decided to get Sapphire Vapor-X instead of Toxic edition, the  latter one needs more power.
I knew that card is 31 cm length, but i was pretty sure my Antec 700 mid tower case got enough place, and of course i didn't measure it.
Well, i was WRONG.
No way i could insert it, i had about 3 cm less than i needed. Nothing i could do, cause here in Israel we can't return opened, even not used electronic device. After half a hour of cursing Antec guys, Sapphire wonderful cooling solution and all world - all except myself, of course,  i decided to break HDD trays  - anyway that card was useless for me.
To make a story short, i did it somehow, with some wounded fingers and more cursing.

Turned power on - well, no go. Red Light and black screen. Checked out cables etc - still no go.
Another cigarette and more cursing. By the way, card needs two 8-pin  (not 6 pin!) power connectors, and it comes with two adapters fortunately.
Finally i noticed i put mother board connectors to the wrong sockets, cause i was so damn tired.

And it worked - the first 3d Mark Fire Strike 1.1 gave me nice 7782 score.
That's all, folks, remember - check out if you got place for this card!

Beautiful , isn't it

All connectors you would want to have