Sunday, October 12, 2014

My favorite pieces of Art - well, at least for this moment

Today i tried to find new art on Pinterest, that would get my attention, and suddenly i thought - what if somebody would ask me -  which 10 pieces of art of all time you love the most? And only ONE for each artist, please.
If you love art in general, try to ask YOURSELF this question. Trust me, it would be really hard to choose.
Anyway, i  tried my best, and it was really not easy to make the choice - so there are results, if anyone cares: 

Vincent's Sunflowers - well, Van Gogh is my weak link; if i could choose more than one piece of every artist, there probably would be 7 of 10 by Vincent...but this one for sure would be number one.

Kandinsky - Blue Painting - no doubt here

Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights - i love Bosch, but again, only one to choose...

Hiroshige - The Plum Garden in Kamei - always in my memory

Durer - Melancholia - easy choice

Botticelli - The Birth of Venus - well, no comments

Magritte - Son of Man - not easy at all, love too many his works

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Hunters in the Snow - just love it

Marc Chagall - I and the Village - again, have to choose only one...

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - don't ask why, i don't know myself.

Million other greatest artist are out of this list, but i just choose those, that were really here, in my heart, all the time. Try to do it yourself, and you'll understand :)

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