Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, I think it's about a time to say a  few words about myself - if anyone cares, which i really doubt ;)
I was born in Moscow, and last 24 years i live in Israel. Just hit 57 and i found myself bored - what a surprise! I work pretty hard, but can't say i enjoy my job - like many of us, i'm sure. So i decided, instead of playing WOW and Diablo 3 - (yep, i played those a lot, don't laugh at old man) - to do something more interesting.
Here we go - i'm trying to make some t-shirt designs, and so far  - 3 weeks - its damn fun. I'm not an artist nor designer, but who cares - i really like it.  I love art, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Malevich  to name a few...well...
For now i'm trying out
Spreadshit , Cafepress,  Zazzle,  and sometimes Teespring .
And no, i still didn't sell any design, but just have fun. I decided as well to try campaign to help abandoned and feral cats on Teespring , and if i will sell something ( which i doubt again ) i will donate half to the The Cat House of Kings, whose i just choose randomly on the net - seems they do great job and accept PayPal ;)
Hmmm, long and boring post, noone will read it, but i feel like telling something ;)
See you guys around!

PS. If anyway somebody cares to read this, sorry for my poor English.