Sunday, September 21, 2014

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After my trip to Cuba, I still think this is one of the most beautiful songs i ever heard. It doesn't mean i like Che Guevara personally, or what he did, but melody is beautiful and so romantic. Whatever, Che will be symbol of romantics and protest forever would we like it or not. 

Aprendimos a quererte                                                
desde la histórica altura
donde el Sol de tu bravura
le puso cerco a la muerte.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Tu mano gloriosa y fuerte
sobre la Historia dispara
cuando todo Santa Clara
se despierta para verte.

Vienes quemando la brisa
con soles de primavera
para plantar la bandera
con la luz de tu sonrisa.
Tu amor revolucionario
te conduce a nueva empresa
donde esperan la firmeza
de tu brazo libertario.

Seguiremos adelante,
como junto a tí seguimos,
y con Fidel te decimos :
«¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!»
or, in English :

We learned to love you
from the historical heights
where the sun of your bravery
laid siege to death

Here lies the clear,
the dear transparency
of your beloved presence,
Commander Che Guevara
Your glorious and strong hand
over History it shoots
when all of Santa Clara
awakens to see you

You come burning the breeze
with springtime suns
to plant the flag
with the light of your smile

Your revolutionary love
leads you to new undertaking
where yearned is the firmness
of your liberating arm

We will carry on
as we followed you then
and with Fidel we say to you:
"Until forever, Commander!"