Friday, September 19, 2014

So just to make sure i'm not only interesting in t-shirts design lately, i would like to tell a few words about my trip to Cuba and Costa Rica
Cuba...the place everyone should visit it, so different, so special...views, beaches, history, architecture, and most important, people! Always smiling, easy going, friendly...and all that with average monthly income about $25...and dancing - seems dancing and singing is in their blood. And those very old but beautiful american cars... Did i forget to mention rum and cigars? :)
Of course, there are a lot of problems - economics is really slow, you can travel hours and never meet truck on the road, and it's still communist regime there - freedom is a myth. Still people there know how to feel and act happy, and Havana at night is something you never forget.
Well, enough words, i wanted to share few pictures from Cuba ;)

Trinidad gals
Favorite Hemingway cafe
Havana variete

Havana taxi

One of the most beautiful hotels at Varadero

View of Havana

One of those cars

Havana. Center plaza
You just want to be there

Che memorial

Isn't she beautiful? ;)

Well, i got like 500 pictures, enough for now. If you want to see more, just tell me ;)